your table with Japanese potteries.
the color of nature.

Tefuud brings you
to joy
of selecting
your own color
from various designs.

Tefuud specializes to distribute Japanese handmade tableware.

Wishing you enjoy Japanese craftmanship,
and it may provide you various joy to your table and your life.

“Dining table” is the key place where people gather, connect and enrich your lives.

Our mission is to provide opportunities to enjoy selected Japanese potteries and atmosphere to the customers living far from Japan.

We hope that more people would have warm and beloved conversation though craft potteries we export, and we believe that it makes your life much more satisfied.

Traditional Design
– Fish Monyo

Fish monyo is one of the most representative as Okinawan potteries.

Fish lay eggs a lot so that it represents prosperity for big families.

Ryukyu glass

Okinawa used to be a kingdom called Ryukyu.

Ryukyu glass is a traditional Okinawan craftwork based on the main technique called “blowingglass”. It has more than 100years of history, however, catastrophically damaged by the World War 2. After the war, Ryukyu glass has been reborn with reused glassed released from US military.


Yachimun to means “pottery” in Okinawan dialect.
Vessels and pots with thick, chubby shapes and powerfully painted designs are deeply rooted in the lives of Okinawans. Recently, they have become very popular as souvenirs, and the regular pottery fairs held in the prefecture attract many tourists as well as locals.
Okinawa’s pottery has a long history and is said to have originated from earthenware made about 6600 years ago. In the Middle Ages, gray-black pottery called Kamui ware from Tokunoshima and Chinese ceramics were introduced to Okinawa. In the 15th century, imports of ceramics and porcelain from Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and Japan began, and it is said that the quality of Okinawan pottery, which in the past was mainly made from castle tiles, was improved by this maritime trade.

Reference : Okinawa History

Welcome to Yachimun World

Various colors
and shapes

Beautiful design enriches your table.

Various shapes give you imagination and creativity for your meal.

Tefuud tableware
in your daily life

Lovely coffee set can change your morning routine even better.
Why don’t we have some vivid-colors on your table?
Treaditional design can be new to your table.
Color of nature goes well with the color inspired by nature.

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